Business Challenge:

Typically data validation, migration and entries are the process of making sure that the data has been checked for errors and entered correctly in the document. But when it comes to huge volume of data with business organizations, manual data validation, migration and entries becomes quite tedious and error prone. Every bit of data is critical from an accuracy standpoint and even a small error can put the businesses at great risk. As a result of the manual approach if applied in the long term can hamper an organization’s interoperability initiatives and hurts the data’s integrity.


We proposed a solution by implementing RPA techniques to automate the whole manual process where no dedicated department do have to indulge into the repeated tasks anymore and can focus on other important activities and be more productive towards the organization.


  • The bot first checks and reads Name (Combination First name & Last Name) from the excel sheet which contains the list of current applicants.
  • Then the bot takes the “Name” field from first row (from Excel), opens the image folder and validates this “Name” field against all the images in the image folder.
  • Once it finds the match the bot retrieves the corresponding credit score (Trans union) from the image and saves this info in column BW (Credit score (Trans Union)) on the same row for that Name.
  • The bot performs the above 1-3 steps for all the rows in the excel sheet and fills the data/information in column BW


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