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Ai Labs works with strategic and potential customers in a professional services capacity on a variety of applications and Ai problems for both Cloud and Mobile platforms.

Our consulting services include:

  • Ai consulting, business analysis and scope development
  • Custom Artificial Intelligence applications using our Proprietary Minsky™ Ai Engine as the platform along with the Clients’ datasets
  • Custom Ai project migrations to MS Azure, AWS or Google Cloud platforms.
  • Digital twin simulation environments for manufacturing
  • Ai/ML/DL solutions using our Minsky™ Ai Engine or on the MS Azure, AWS or Google Cloud platforms
  • Custom deep neural networks implementations
  • Big data predictive analytics/decision-support systems for massive data sets
  • Custom Ai enabled Robotic Process Automation (RPA) projects
  • Staff augmentation for Ai, RPA or any Enterprise software development projects on various technologies

Our Engineering team includes deep-learning/data-scientists, computer -vision engineers, cloud experts, simulation and systems engineers, and Enterprise Solution Architects

Experience the POWER of Custom Ai Solutions with Minsky™

  • Minsky™ Delivers Fast Business-Ready Data Solutions
  • Our Custom Ai solution with Minsky™ is the orchestration of people, process and technology to deliver trusted, high-quality data to data citizens fast
  • Powered by automation, Our Proprietary engine Minsky™ tackles the challenges associated with inefficiencies in accessing, preparing, integrating with third party solutions (data warehouses, Data visualization software) and making data readily available to the end customers
  • Ai Labs Minsky™ leverages extreme custom Ai powered automation to drive significant and measurable impact on your business
  • Ai labs provides a path to build custom Ai solutions with Minsky™ and put it in practice with a prescriptive methodology, artificial intelligence (Ai)-enabled automation by combining the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


We work directly with your Team experts

No Costs POC’s

Work hands-on with our data scientists’ professionals through a 4-6 weeks engagement

Rapid Development/ Deployment

Make use of our comprehensive coverage of data science skills.

Fixed-Cost Project Methodology

Provide a well-defined process complete with specific phases and deadlines. Come with a pricing guarantee. Doesn’t go beyond the defined scope

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