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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Oil and Gas Industry by Sirisha Gatla

Abstract:In this white paper we analyze how Artificial Intelligence (Ai) can cause technological disruptions to the oil and gas industry.
At present the focus is to automate the capital intensive processes in the ONG sector which are considered as a vital part of the country’s economy. Based on the analysis of various Ai applications and the review of existing processes, we outline the most recent trends in developing Ai-based solutions to reduce production costs, improve operational efficiencies and human safety. We also outline some of the possible use case scenarios of how artificial intelligence will benefit and transform the Oil & Gas Industry.

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Predictive Maintenance using Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things (IoT)

Abstract:Our Minsky Cube solution consisted of data acquisition from remote equipment using IoT sensors and storage in a Data warehouse/Cloud Server. Data is then migrated to database using ETL and published to Tableau, Power-Bi or any other dashboards for data visualization/condition monitoring. In addition to above, our solution integrated the Real Time IoT data with the historical equipment data for Modelling using our proprietary Ai engine Minsky to perform Predictive Maintenance.

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