Internet of Things

At Ai labs, we partner with IoT providers to help our clients with enterprise solutions in the automotive, transportation, real estate, retail, agriculture, manufacturing, Energy, water and other industries. We help to unlock the business value of connected devices and also monetize the vast data already being collected. Our cross-functional experts help organizations harness the right IoT technology stack to build data-rich software solutions that exactly match the required Use Cases.

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Ai Enabled IoT software development services

Ai enabled IoT creates intelligent machines that simulate smart behavior and supports in decision making with little or no human interference. While IoT deals data acquisition from remote devices/sensors, Ai-based analytics using Minsky™ makes the devices learn from their data and experience. We provide custom IoT development services that enable businesses to manage their operational efficiency, set up processes, and provide data visibility by integrating IoT apps, IoT sensors, mobile devices, cloud services, and physical objects into a hyper-connected ecosystem built using Minsky™

IoT Consulting

Full cycle IoT Development

IoT Software Enhancement

IoT Application Implementation & Analytics

IoT Integration with Minsky™ Ai

Stages of Ai-Enabled IoT Data Flow

Data visuali- zation Data storage Data processing & analysis Data ingestion  Data collection


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