About Minsky™

We are MINSKY™ - Ai Engine

Our mission is to utilize Artificial Intelligence (Ai) to execute tasks naturally associated with human intelligence such as: speech recognition, decision-making, visual perception, and language translation. To implement this we use machine learning, deep learning, NLP and neural networks or any branch of Ai wherever required to perform complex tasks such as predictions, recommendations, anomaly detection and much more. Using our proprietary Ai platform (Minsky™) we provide custom end-to-end innovative solutions to drive business transformations resulting in smart processes and data driven decisions.

About Minsky™

The Challenge

With the current Global requirements to use Artificial Intelligence for various applications and across various verticals it is extremely complicated and time consuming to develop an Ai Solutions to make any predictions from a given dataset. This is because of the various possibilities that need to be considered such as programming knowledge, selecting the right Model/Algorithm (s) , selecting the correct data variables, selecting the correct historical data, performing the initial tests and finally for optimizing the models in order to achieve a high prediction accuracy.

The Solution

Our Minsky™ Ai Engine provides an easy 4 step process that allows you to easily test and model your data irrespective of the Industry type or data size and go live very quickly. Using of Ai Engine, we provide outcome based turnkey solutions, blending industry best practices & ideas to fulfill customers’ expectations. We help our clients to achieve organizational objectives & maximize their Return on Investment (ROI).

Ready to get started, it’s Fast Robust and Easy to Use.

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